Sponsor: Village of Woodmere
Project Name: CUY SR 87 - 12.08
Estimated Total Cost: $3,200,000
Proposed Source of Federal Funds: Federal Earmark

History/Background: Chagrin Boulevard (SR-87), between West Brainard Road and East Brainard Road, is a three lane roadway with one lane westbound and eastbound and a shared left-turn lane. Chagrin Boulevard has two westbound lanes to the east of East Brainard Road and the outside through lane drops as an exclusive right-turn lane. The sponsor reports there is a lack of sidewalks and pedestrian facilities along the corridor which is compounded by large number of driveways and a lack of access management. East Brainard Road and West Brainard Road are both two lane roadways (one lane in each direction). The East Brainard Road and West Brainard Road intersection is currently signalized with the signal operating with three phases (northbound left/through, northbound and southbound through and eastbound).

The Village of Woodmere prepared a Roadway improvement study of for the roadways of Chagrin Boulevard and Brainard Road, in the Village of Woodmere, Ohio.

The purpose of the study was to analyze three roadway improvement alternatives:

1. Installation of a three leg roundabout at the East Brainard Road and West Brainard Road intersection:
2. Relocating Eton Lane to become the fourth leg of the roundabout at the East Brainard Road and West Brainard Road intersection; and
3. Widen Chagrin Boulevard to two westbound travel lanes between East Brainard Road and West Brainard Road to eliminate the pinch point at this location.

The analyses indicates a three-leg roundabout at the East Brainard Road / West Brainard Road intersection is not necessary in terms of reducing congestion or delay at the existing traffic signal. There appears to be no justification from a capacity perspective to install a 3-leg roundabout at this intersection.

The relocation of Eton Lane to become a fourth leg of the Brainard Road roundabout was determined to also show no improvement to the delay or congestion at this location. The existing traffic signal was determined to provide acceptable level of service; therefore, maintaining the existing traffic signal is recommended. The existing traffic signal does not however provide current Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliant pedestrian signals and ramps and the sidewalks are not connected to the adjacent asphalt pedestrian paths. It is recommended the pedestrian facilities at the East Brainard Road and West Brainard Road intersection be updated to adhere to current ADA requirements and the sidewalks be connected to existing or proposed asphalt paths / sidewalks.

Widening Chagrin Boulevard to provide two westbound lanes was analyzed and is expected to reduce the queuing of traffic on westbound Chagrin Boulevard during all of the peak hours of a typical day. The two westbound lanes will eliminate the “bottleneck” which currently exists on Chagrin Boulevard between the East and West Brainard Road which should reduce congestion and congestion related crashes on the westbound portion of Chagrin Boulevard. Additionally, the improvement of pedestrian facilities along this section of Chagrin Boulevard should be a priority when the roadway is widened.

Proposed Project: The proposed project involves providing an additional westbound through lane on the north side of Chagrin Boulevard, between East Brainard Road and West Brainard Road, providing for two (2) continuous lanes for westbound traffic, through the corridor, to I-271, in the Village of Woodmere (location map and illustration). The sponsor reports that work on West Brainard Road will include a relocated curb line to meet the new lane on Chagrin Boulevard and then resurfacing West Brainard Road. The sponsor reports there is no sidewalk on the north side of Chagrin Boulevard and on a portion of West Brainard Road in front of the Village Square Shopping Plaza. Sidewalk will be constructed in these areas as a part of the project. The new sidewalk will also provide proper access to a bus stop for the Full Service Bus Route # 5 Chagrin Boulevard. In addition, sidewalk will be replaced on the north side of Chagrin Boulevard, where it is impacted by the additional lane. When the project is completed, a continuous sidewalk will now be provided for on both the north and south side of the road through the Chagrin Boulevard Corridor. Also, software upgrades to the Central Signal System Control Station (CSSC) operated by the City of Beachwood, will be included which coordinates and controls the existing signalized intersection within the limits of the project.

The project’s estimated total cost, provided by the sponsor, is $3,200,000. The estimated cost of preliminary engineering preliminary development (PEPD) is $20,000. The estimated cost of preliminary engineering detailed design (PEDD) is $330,000. The PEPD and PEDD will be funded will be funded locally. The estimated cost of right-of-way (RW) is $650,000. The RW will be funded with federal and local funds. The estimated cost of construction (CO) is $2,100,000. The estimated cost of construction engineering (CE) is $100,000. The CO and CE will be fully funded with the federal earmark funding.

Staff Comment (Summary):
  • Recommend the use of high visibility crosswalks.
  • Recommend that the designer investigates options to try and shorten the length of the skewed crosswalk across Chagrin Boulevard on the west side of East Brainard Road during detailed design.
Intergovernmental Review and Consultation (IGRC):

Public Involvement:

Committee Review:
Transportation Subcommittee:
  • No comments; recommended for Planning and Programming Committee review.

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