Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a program focusing on making it safe, convenient and fun for kids and families, including those with disabilities, to walk or bicycle to school and in everyday life. The planning framework is safety- based, following the 6 E’s of Safety – Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Evaluation, Engineering and Equity.                        

In addition to the transportation safety benefits, SRTS programs can:

  • increase youth and family physical activity opportunities;
  • assist school and community health and wellness initiatives;
  • help students succeed by improving cognitive learning and behavior;  
  • help schools meet critical education benchmarks, such as tardiness and attendance, by improving safety along routes; and
  • establish programs such as walking school busses, bike trains, and schoolpools to get kids to school safely, on-time, and ready to learn.

Ohio has one of the strongest and most comprehensive programs in the nation, and NOACA is committed to supporting communities that value student transportation safety. NOACA will focus on helping start new, and support current, programs that are community-supported and consider the unique needs of each school, district, and community.

Want to learn more? Have a question?  For more information or to request SRTS or school travel plan assistance, email or call 216-241-2414 x285. 

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