The Halley’s Comet of transportation planning. 

That’s when the three most important documents required by the federal government all occur in the same year. This only happens once every four years—and this is the year.  More info here:

  • AIM Forward 2040, NOACA's Long-Range Transportation Plan, is the framework for directing investment for all forms of transportation, including motor vehicle, bridge, transit, bicycle, walking and the movement of freight. The plan offers a vision of the region's transportation system through the year 2040 and identifies $15.8 billion in transportation investments. Visit the plan here.
  • The TIP is the tool for implementing the Long-Range Transportation Plan. The TIP is the four-year capital improvement program of roadway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects scheduled to be implemented in NE Ohio counties. Visit the plan here—or use our Interactive TIP Tool to find projects in YOUR neighborhood. 
  • The OWP includes NOACA’s transportation, air quality, and water quality planning projects, as well as special programs, studies, local assistance, and program administration for the next year. Visit the plan here.
Public Meetings: During the month of May, public meetings were held in each of NOACA's five (5) counties.
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