NOACA's Rural Advisory Council will help the External Affairs Committee better understand the planning issues of rural communities and aid the agency in efficiently producing policies and proField with crops and homes in the distancegrams that create a harmonious and cohesive relationship between urban and rural land uses and their respective constituencies in the NOACA region.    

The NOACA Rural Advisory Council seeks to:
  • Promote public awareness of all of NOACA plans and programs to rural communities.
  • Be an active conduit of communication of planning activities between rural and urban communities.
The Council will:
  • Be a forum by which NOACA will receive comment and advice and facilitate conversation on planning concerns of rural communities.
  • Be a forum for dialogue between urban and rural planning concerns
  • Provide continuous and balanced public representation in the development of regional plans and policies.
  • Provide Board and staff with guidance that conveys residents' perspectives.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of outreach and engagement strategies by working with staff to serve as a "speakers' bureau" and as a local voice to spread awareness.
  • Presentations from Rural Advisory Council meetings are available on NOACA's website calendar under the date of the meeting.                       

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