Implementation awards will be administered by NOACA staff in partnership with participating communities. Implementation awards will fund projects recommended in completed TLCI plans, or in plans that:

  • Included a public involvement/engagement process (must include public meetings with neighborhood or community feedback specific to the transportation component)
  • Have a multimodal transportation focus (i.e., pedestrian, bicycle, roadway, safety, and/or transit analysis and recommendations)
  • Recommend specific countermeasures at specific locations

Implementation awards will result in the programming, procurement, and installation of infrastructure that achieves the goals of the TLCI program. Projects will be balanced across transportation modes, with the goal of comprehensively improving accessibility and safety at specific locations. 

All TLCI Implementation projects must be developed in accordance with the ODOT Project Development Process (PDP).  Most TLCI implementation projects follow the milestones defined for ODOT PDP Path 1. Submittals may be combined, removed, or added as deemed appropriate by the ODOT Project Manager.  ODOT, in concurrence with NOACA, has the role of oversight over TLCI Implementation projects. Projects will either be ODOT let or local let requiring ODOT approval.  See ODOT’s Locally Administered Transportation Projects Manual of Procedures webpage for more information.

Projects prioritized for funding though implementation awards include the components listed in the table below, which were identified as the most frequent recommendations from past TLCI projects and from a survey of local partners in 2015. The funding limit per unit for each component type is included as a guideline for funding requests. Projects are encouraged to include multiple components. The funding minimum for projects is $100,000.

 Top Needs from TLCI Database Analysis & Survey

 Bicycle Recommendations

 Pedestrian Recommendations

Transit Recommendations 

Roadway Recommendations 

Bike Lanes
Bike Signals 
Bike Detection 
Bike Parking 
    Bike Rack 
    Bike Locker 
    Bike Corral 
Shared Routes 
Signed Route 
Wayfinding and Signage 
Crosswalk Enhancements 
    Ladder Crosswalk 
    Curb Extension 
    Raised Crosswalk 
    Crossing Island 
    Curb Ramps 
    Pedestrian Signals 
    $20,000 /intersection
Wayfinding and Signage 

Transit Waiting Environment 
Wayfinding & Signage 

Road Diet 
On-Street Parking 
    $10,000/curb cut


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