Planners at Work

 Office of the Executive Director  
 Grace Gallucci Executive Director  100
 Amy Stacy Executive Assistant  205
 Administrative Services Division    
 Susanna Merlone, EMBA Director  108
 Marsha Arzaga Information Technology Manager  340
 Jonathan Giblin Associate Director of Compliance  346
 Kelly Harris Receptionist      0
 Deltcho Marinov IT Support Engineer  272
 Office of the Comptroller
 Billie Geyer, CPA
Comptroller  240
 Terry D. Long, DBA, MBA Accountant III  213
 External Relations Division
  Marvin Hayes Director  244
  Jocelynn Clemings Manager of Communications and Public Engagement  253
 Tabitha Gillombardo Planner I
 Gayle L. Godek, APR Senior Communications Specialist  283
 Patrick Holtz Principal Planner  322
 Cheryl Onesky Senior Communications Specialist  221
 Amy Stacy Communications and Administrative Specialist  205
 Programming Division  
 Randy Lane Director


 Ed May Principal Planner, TIP Manager  287
 Jim Thompson Planner III  275
 Daila Shimek, AICP Work Program and Budget Manager  276
 Brenda Walker Communications & Administrative Specialist  282
 Planning Division  
 Kathy Sarli, P.E. Director  277
  Transportation Systems Planning


     Mike Kubek, P.E. Manager of Transportation Systems Planning


     Katie Moss Sieb Transportation Planner
     Andrew Stahlke
Transportation Planner
     Melissa Thompson, P.E. Senior Transportation Engineer  344
   Strategic and Long Range Planning
     Kelley Britt
Senior Transit Planner
     Lawrence Hall Freight Planner  308
     Sarah White Mobility Manager  250
   Transportation Modeling and Data Integration
     Ali Makarachi, Ph.D., P.E. Manager of Transportation Modeling and Data Integration  370
     Mona Aziz Senior Transportation Engineer  305
     Chad Harris, GISP GIS Planner III  254
     Maher Holozadah     Senior Planning Engineer  302
     Dave Kuebler Planner III   286
     Derek Taylor Planner III  323
     Environmental Planning  
     Joe MacDonald Ph.D., AICP Manager of Environmental Planning  341
     Eric Akin Senior Environmental Quality Planner  231
     Beverly Burtzlaff
Air Quality Planner  321
     Pamela L. Davis, AICP Senior Water Quality Planner  284
     Tim Kovach Air Quality Planner  399

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