Have there been times when you would have liked to use your bike to get somewhere, but you didn't know which streets would get you there easily and safely? NOACA can help! We are creating bike

Bike Path 

transportation maps for each of our five counties. The maps are color-coded, indicating streets suitable for riders with basic, intermediate, or expert skills. A chart on the back of the maps can help you determine your skill level.

In addition to ratings of streets, the maps show where there are off-road multi-use paths and special bike lanes or wide paved shoulders. The back shows safety tips, a summary of Ohio traffic laws especially pertinent to cyclists, a list of bike shops within the county, and some resources for cyclists, including contacts for local bike clubs and cycling instructors who offer classes to upgrade your cycling skills.

The maps measure 18" x 24, except for the Cuyahoga map, which is 24" x 36, " and are printed on water-resistant paper, allowing you to use them on the trip! The maps are also available at some local bike shops.

In addition to NOACA’s bike maps, the Cleveland Metroparks offers bicycle navigation maps available in desktop and mobile formats.

Last updated: 11/24/2015 12:49:06 PM