Green Your Commute

NOACA wants to help you Green Your Commute by choosing cleaner travel alternatives. 

Green Your CommuteWhat are your alternatives to driving alone?


 Bike to Work

Ride the Bus


  • is a free, online service that helps commuters find carpool partners. Cut your commute costs in half!


  • No additional equipment needed, and it's healthy too.

Telecommute (work from home)

  • First time? This is a good time to try it! See if your employer has a telecommuting policy.

Compressed Work Week (four 10-hour days)

  • Looking for efficiency and a free day off? Work four 10-hour days and take one day off!


What will you save in terms of air pollution and money?

For every 20-mile round-trip that you eliminate, you'll save a gallon of gas, wear-and-tear on your vehicle, and the frustration of dealing with traffic. Learn more about the vehicle technologies program that is developing more energy efficient and environmentally friendly transportation technologies.

You can reduce fuel consumption and pollution by reading Fuel-Saving Tips.

Does your employer know about tax benefits for commuters?

This benefit is easy for employers to implement and manage. The program allows you to pay for transit, vanpooling or parking with pre-tax dollars. This can mean significant savings on your commuting costs. Visit this link to learn about this program and how pre-tax benefits can work for your organization.

Thank you for participating in Green Your Commute with NOACA!

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Last updated: 3/7/2017 5:09:04 PM