W. 14th Street and Quigley Road Roundabout, City of Cleveland

Changes to W. 14th Street and Quigley Road Roundabout Enhance Safety

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) implemented changes to the signing and pavement markings on all approaches and within the West 14th Street/Quigley Road roundabout. The changes were made to improve operation and enhance safety.

The changes include:

  • New lane assignments on I-71 northbound: two lanes are permitted to "turn left" and proceed to West 14th Street northbound instead of only the far left.
  • New lane assignments on Quigley Road westbound approaches: the curb lane has been converted to a right-turn-only lane to reach West 14th Street northbound.
  • Wider pavement markings for better visibility.
  • "Strong" dotted lines inside the roundabout clarify what movements are permitted on the circulating lanes inside the roundabout.
  • "Fish-hook" style pavement lane arrows provide approaching drivers with lane markings that are visually more comparable to the actual movements.

The changes resulted from a comprehensive operational and safety evaluation performed by ODOT, NOACA, and the City of Cleveland.



The two most prominent types of crashes at W. 14th Street and Quigley Road Roundabout before the changes


What are Roundabouts?

Roundabouts are circular intersections where entering traffic yields to circulating traffic. Roundabouts are becoming increasingly common in high-traffic areas because they reduce traffic conflicts, which in turn reduces the frequency and severity of crashes.


                                      Lane use at a cross section and a two-lane roundabout

How to Drive through a Roundabout

  • Approaching a roundabout:
    • Know your destination 
    • Choose the correct lane 
    • Slow down 
    • Yield 
    • Approaching a two-lane roundabout: YIELD to both traffic lanes
  • In the roundabout:
    • STAY in lane. Do not change lanes 
    • Exit the same lane you entered 
    • Avoid driving next to a truck 
    • Do not stop
    • Yield to pedestrians when entering and exiting a roundabout
    • Bicyclists, depending on their skill and comfort level, may:
      • Ride, or 
      • Walk using crosswalks

This video, produced by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission will help you understand how to drive through a roundabout.

Extended (9 minutes)
Shortened (2 minutes)


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