TLCI is a federal reimbursable program. NOACA will reimburse up to 80% for eligible costs incurred.

If you are selected to receive a TLCI planning award, it will be necessary to hire a consultant to conduct the planning project. Because federal funds are being used for the TLCI program, the procurement procedures described in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 49 § 18.36(d)) must be satisfied.

To ensure a high quality of work and provide efficiency to local partners, NOACA prequalifies firms for the TLCI planning program. Sponsors awarded a planning grant shall request technical proposals from at least three (3) prequalified firms. Prequalified firms and statements of qualification are available here. NOACA’s TLCI program manager shall be informed of the sponsor’s consultant scoring and selection. The awardee must submit documentation of the selection procedure prior to entering into contract with NOACA for TLCI funding. Please note that consultants providing services for the TLCI application cannot be retained to execute the TLCI study. Firms are limited to two (2) TLCI contracts per cycle as prime consultant.

NOACA will issue awards funded at a maximum 80% of the total project budget. A project sponsor is required to provide the minimum 20% match from non-federal sources. An agreement will be executed between NOACA, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), and the awardee.

Awardees are required to submit documentation of the consultant selection process and a scope of services within 90 days of notice of the award. The scope of services will be the foundation of the contract between NOACA and the awardee. A scope that has not been submitted within 90 days from the date of notification of award may result in forfeiture or a reduction in the amount of the award.

Awardees will be required to conduct project scoping meetings with NOACA’s TLCI program manager and may be required to revise the scope of services for the TLCI study before entering into contract for the TLCI award.

All planning awards will be paid out on a reimbursable basis. The NOACA TLCI program manager will administer reimbursements in partnership with ODOT and verify when deliverables are complete. The agreement will contain a list of agreed upon deliverables, table of deliverables with expected delivery dates, and the agreed-upon payment for the deliverables. The reimbursement request must contain:

  • The completed reimbursement request form, included in the TLCI contract
  • The cancelled check from the project sponsor indicating payment to the consultant
  • Invoices from the consultant to the project sponsor documenting billing of deliverables and other costs related to the study
  • Documentation of completed deliverables

Reimbursements are restricted by federal law. Examples of items and/or activities that are not eligible for reimbursement include:

  • Food and/or entertainment at public or stakeholder meetings (this may be provided in-kind or at a sponsor or co-sponsors expense outside of the total project budget but not in the local match)
  • Work from sponsor or co-sponsor: any work that sponsor or co-sponsor staff does in support of or contributing to a TLCI study is in-kind and not eligible for reimbursement
  • Other activities not related to planning

Communities and implementing government agencies may not employ any contractor, consultant, or consulting firm who is currently under contract as staff for the community or implementing government agency for any TLCI-funded project.

The awardee will submit final TLCI planning reports to NOACA for review prior to receiving final payment. NOACA may use this information to provide future applicants with work examples and for TLCI program publicity. The awardee will also present the final report to their city council or city planning commission for approval.

Last updated: 6/8/2018 4:08:13 PM