The total budget available for TLCI planning and implementation is $2,000,000. To effectively manage the program, the NOACA Board may limit the funds available within a specific application cycle. TLCI awards are at the discretion of the Board. The Board may also limit the number of awards and funding to applicants within an application cycle. Planning will comprise up to 25% of the total TLCI budget, with the remainder dedicated to implementation.

For the 2017 TLCI Program, implementation applications are eligible to receive 100% federal funding, with awards covering the entire project cost and no local match required. Applicants that contribute matching funds will receive additional points as part of application scoring. In-kind services in lieu of financial participation cannot count as local match.

Planning grants will be eligible to receive 100% federal funding, pending Board of Directors approval in December 2016.
Last updated: 6/27/2017 10:08:08 AM